Wikileaks Founder Julian Asange Arrested

The Wikileaks founder who was recently on the wanted list of the Interpol was finally arrested today in London. After a long runaway from the and hiding finally the founder and editor in chief of the website finally surrendered to the police.

Various reports say that he tried to get out on bail but was denied initially. The Australian whistle-blower was arrested after he being held on a sex charge. The background story of his rape says he tried to rape two women in Sweden. The first women as he was having sex with when the condom broke and according to the law in Sweden a woman can also leave in between a sexual intercourse makes him undergo a rape charge. The other case shows that he didn’t use a condom and had sex with another woman.

These two cases have finally landed him in the prison. Even Wikileaks has tried its best to restore its domain and after a lot of failures it has finally achieved its success in domain provided by the Netherlands.