Who Is Mark Zuckerberg?

I think a lot of people may consider weird if I go out and ask this question to anybody. As in any body in this world using the services of Facebook may easily answer this question as this young gentleman who created Facebook in his teens is one of the well know people on earth as well as a young richie. Also the person is one of those who has catered to get the rockstar image on the face of industrialist or business people as he is being considered. But how can the success of this person really make a difference for a lot of people around the world?

This is what we bring out to all of you today.

Today searching for the official website of the Facebook creator I finally stumbled upon another website which really shocked me and I thought on writing about it. Mark S Zuckerberg is a bankruptcy lawyer based in Indiana of the United States. You think I am kidding?Then please go ahead and read this full story on his website.The person who is a lot reputed in the world of lawyers in the United States. Above you have the real picture of the person standing out side his office in Indiana,US. The guy on hos website also says that if Googled in 2004( the founding year of Facebook) one could only find this persons name in the list of lawyers but the thing didn’t remain the same all throughout the time and after 2 years things had completely changed.

Some kind of thing that can be easily also said like the similarity that is shared by singer songwriter Enrique Iglesias as well as economist Enrique V Iglesias. As of the Zuckerberg similarity both have the Jewish roots similarity as well as here the singer and the economist both have there Spanish roots.

when asked the lawyer he said the web service How Many Of Me ( the story we covered today) it says that there is only 1 Mark Zuckerberg all throughout the United States, so it is really not known to the people that who are they counting? Obviously we all have a great respect for the your web entrepreneur who created a great platform to share a lot of things all for free but the other guys also tends to get some of the recognition that he should get all for his hard work and dedication he did int he field of law for the past 23 years.

Hope this name problems get cleared up soon and also we may find people patenting their name in the near future!