Ubuntu Takes On The Mobile Platform

It has well been proved about the rise of open source in the complete software industry and since the major names such as Google went ahead to support the free and open source software movement it has got well into the hands as well as the pockets of the common user. In this complete scenario when the veteran Apple also lost the majority of the market share although it was the first one to introduce its iPhone and Windows which was fighting a tough war initially with competitor Blackberry is somehow back in the market with an all new kernel(and competitors). The main point that we all get to see it how Android maintained its position with lots of developers/supporters from all around the world. Apart from the rise of the Android if we turn our heads towards the personal computing industry we would surely get to hear the name Ubuntu as it has proved itself to be the greatest and the easiest Linux platform in the market. Available completely for free the software has changed the minds of the people who previously only used to think that Linux is intended to software professionals and for the one who doesn’t speak geek or understand binary may not operate Linux.


As Android the most commonly used smartphone platform runs on a Linux kernel as well as Ubuntu which probably has the largest share in the market of Linux is going ahead by partnering with major players in the industry such as Dell, Asus and EA. Let s have a complete look at what Ubuntu has been doing in order to make its presence felt within the mobile industry.

Initial Approach with Android

Ubuntu initially released its version where Android users would be able to launch Ubuntu on their phones and as the website mentions it would be completely possible for the people to run a complete PC on their phones. Or as I can rephrase it as a complete computer experience on your phone without even carrying your phone around. The video below gives you a clear information as how Ubuntu may help Android users.


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Early Release by Canonical

The Ubuntu backing company Canonical Ltd. initially made an announcement early in 2008(when even Android was released). Although the project was scrapped and everything was discontinued that time the OS was scheduled to be running on X86 platforms programmed to be running on Intel Atom processor unlike the ARM platform that the current smartphones are running upon.

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Mission Right Now !

With all of this success throughout the years the only thing that the company could have had announced about was a mobile platform that would make its prominence this New Year. In the below mentioned video the founder and the director the Ubuntu project Mark Shuttleworth tells the complete view as how the software would be far ahead of its competitors and the in-built apps which are mostly used by the users.

Ubuntu perhaps is one of the earliest software places where it introduced the marketplace structure where users could easily go and download and install their software or applications just with a single mouse click. The platform also helps new developers to get a prominent place in the market and gain popularity. Of all the things that are shown in this video the things that I loved about this upcoming OS for mobile are :

  • Voice commands for various of the apps that makes the use of hard buttons obsolete.
  • A cool screen which makes everything fit in it easily.
  • Access important apps without unlocking the screen
  • Existing developer tools that will pull in developers easily.

I believe apart from the listed above there would be more cool features in the operating system. All we can think about is another cool platform to be hitting the market although the company is soon unveiling early in January.

  • I never try using Ubuntu OS on mobile …I only experiencing Ubuntu on desktop …this is really a big news for me.

    • Yeah is great news, though Ubuntu previously had tried on mobile cudnt do well then !