How To Earn With Twitter

Online business is certainly something that has defined globalization in its truest form. How? You just create a website and with nothing extra(such as taking special permissions or doing any extra formality) your web business is available to be viewed all throughout the world. Now this is something that also defines a very different type of opportunity for entrepreneurs, they are free to use this tool to get unlimited amount of audience from any country.

So enough of talks now, as you may already know about Twitter which is such an amazing tool for micro-bloggers so that any one can share practically anything in a short amount of words. So for any person who is really great in sharing about any particular topic in a few words might really find Twitter to be one of the best things ever.

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And coming to the point, how to earn. Before I tell you how to, I’ll tell you that earning with Twitter is completely possible and legal so you won’t get your account terminated ever in life if you do that. In fact celebrities like Kim Kardasian have been earning for a while !Also to note that if you somehow think after reading this article about implementing the same thing on Facebook then it would be illegal to do it there(not allowed according to the terms and conditions of Facebook) !


So the best ways as I think are :

Sponsored Tweets

Yeah as the name suggest you can ask for an amount to tweet about anything that you feel is any good. Some big businesses might find this really great as if you are having around 100,000 followers all of them who are interested in cars and other vehicles then a car manufacturer or seller might find the idea of tweeting an announcement so as to gain more attention. The best you earn. Now how can you do it?

Either you sign up for an account at Sponsored Tweets, which is a service dedicated to this purpose. In this you simply log in using your Twitter ID and then the service will suggest you what amount you should be requesting for a sponsored tweet. It’s really easy and convenient  and when someone who is really interested in tweeting via your account will contact you via email and rest you do the work. Also note, this is free !

Other way is the simplest one, you mention it on your Twitter account, your blog or website that you are accepting sponsored tweets and you will be charging an amount to tweet it. If the person finds the price right they would go ahead an may consider paying via Paypal or any other service that you may have had signed up for.

I believe signing up for both the ways is a win-win situation and you may want to go ahead and try to find which one goes for you.

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Adf.Ly Integration

Now the above is the process you found how you would be able to tweet if you have a great reputation in the Twitter community and you really need to have really great tweets as well as followers for that. That’s really not going to start all in one go. You have to wait for a few months or even a year to gain real big followers.

In the mean time you can use a different ay to earn that is by the following :

  • Sign up for an account at Adf.Ly(its free)
  • Sign up for an account at Twitterfeed(once again free)
  • Set up a  lot of RSS feeds from various popular blogs you want to tweet about. Such as if you have created an account about Apple products then try reaching out for the top Apple blogs and set up in your Twitter feed account. Just remember, instead of you have to select “Other”. Their you have to mention your unique API key so that every link you tweet is shortened to an link.


The API key looks somnething like :

As you might guess you need to change the above XXXXX to something that you’ll get on your dashboard !

Once done you have to do nothing. Everytime any of those blogs get updated, your account tweets them regularly with the links, and when people click on them you earn !

Nice, you might wonder that some people(or a lot of people) may not like to click on link, then just go and get your own domain(from Godaddy or Namecheap) and set up a WordPress blog and syndicate all the content from popular Apple(or any topic) blogs you want to tweet about. Setup this blog on your Twitter feed account. That’s it

Install the plugin there so that every external link becomes shortened by Your work is almost done now, and you really don’t need to worry about anything else. Please note, that if you set up a WordPress blog, then you should block all the search engines to index this website, or else you may be questioned for duplicating content which in most cases not allowed. You are also encouraged to add a blank file in place of single.php in your WordPress theme.

I believe these are some proven great ways of how you can earn from Twitter though it may require initial efforts. If you think I missed out any, please do let me know.