Wikileaks Founder Julian Asange On Interpols WANTED List

The  fact that a lot of people turn jealous after seeing somebody succeed has somewhat proved to become the truth after this kind of incident. The person who mastered the idea of creating the Not For Profit Organization Wikileaks is now on the wanted list of the worlds largest police organization Interpol.

Julian Asange the person who created the website Wikileaks has been issued a red notice or an interpol notice and has been somewhat accused of being involved in some sort of sexual crimes and may also face arrest. The person who made the United States realize their security faults by releasing all the details of their Govt. has finally  been put down due to certain reasons.
Although Wikileaks still struggles to maintain its online status and due to and also managed to get another domain and which was also put down very soon. Although speaking with the founder Mr. Asange said that his arrest has nothing to do with the website, and it will still be available on the internet throughout.