Namecheap Announces Twitter Trivia Giveaway Contest

Namecheap which is a very popular and a trustworthy name for various of the web masters/developers has come up with an amazing way where the anyone can add a lot of amount to their Namecheap credit and ultimately can buy various of the products offered by them. To add up the excitement this contest is open to any web user and not only web developers or web workers.

OK, let me be a bit clear about this. The contest is called the Twitter Trivia contest and the best various web services offered by them are being given away for free. Just follow these steps below and you can understand what to do to grab a few free domain names to your account.

Excited, this doesn’t just end here, the grand prize is an iPad, the runners up will get an iPad mini and the third prize is a dedicated server from Namecheap.

Just to mention this contest would run for 48 hours so anyone who is planning to try this should be very quick.

Join NameCheap

Well if You have already joined Namecheap and you have an account there you really don’t need to worry, but if you don’t have an account join/signup for  Namecheap account. Its free !

Join Namecheap

Sign Up/Login With Your Twitter Account

Once again I believe a lot of people already have a Twitter account but if you don’t then please go ahead and get one. Its free once again.

Follow @namecheap

Got into Twitter please consider following Namecheap on Twitter. It become really important to do this or nothing further would count on. You can follow directly from their Twitter account that is @namecheap

Answer the Questions

Now Namecheap will continuously post questions on its Twitter account so please keep a track of it continuously  Once you get to know about it just go ahead and  answer the question. To answer you have to just Tweet your answer with a mention of @namecheap in the tweet. Such as

Who is the president of America?

Your answer is :

Barack Obama @namecheap

If you do not mention then they may not get to know that you are the one who answered so your answer may not be counted.

This contest tends to happen annually around Superbowl.

That’s it people. If your answer is the one that Namecheap picks up then you get to earn $10 in your Namecheap account(this is the amount hat would be added up to your credits). You can use any of this amount to get any product offered by Namecheap or renew any existing service you have been using.

Should you turn out to be really lucky you win cool prizes or free domains.

You can find further details on the official Namecheap page and wishing you a good luck !