How To Delete Your Instagram Account

Instagram when it came out on the iPhone it was one of the most unique type of an app that one could ever think about. In fact this was something I really waited to show up on Android so that I may have on all of my devices. As that was something that could easily give photos a cool and artistic touch with a few options which made it cleaner and easier for any user to use it, it became popular in a few days of its launch. Even photographers and big media companies such as Nat Geo and rest could find a great place to showcase their amazing photography

Although after its acquisition by social media giant Facebook the company had a few change in its terms and conditions which created a big of problem among its user base. Something that could vaguely mean that Instagram could use the pictures that are a part of the social network without any prior consent of the users.

This may not make a bog difference to all those who are just using the service for fun but for the ones who work professionally in photography may find this totally disturbing so here it for them.

Any how this led Nat Geo delete their official account(although they probably returned after that) and many others too similarly followed this up what I want to show to the users today is how you can delete your Instagram account. The process is as simple as it could ever be.

Also I made  screencast about this so that it becomes easy for every one to understand what I am really talking about !

#Step 1

Login into your Instagram account at

#Step 2

instagram delete

Click on delete Account an the right side bottom of your screen displaying your profile details.

#Step 3

instagram delete1

Enter a reason and your password then just delete your account

Yes this is so simple! And just to note you can not use your handheld device(such as your iPhone or Android device) to delete your account and you need a complete browser to login and then go ahead with this process. But as the online or the web based interface of Instagram is so limited(can’t even upload or edit) that people may barely ever imagine that this would be the way as how one may delete their user account.