Blogosphere & Beyond : A Thought On The Future Face Of Blogging

Blog or Blogging, a term that is simply derived from the word “Weblog” which is a dynamic kind of website that has a dynamic homepage where a writer who is called a blogger can easily update any sort of content for their users and make a difference. This is what blogging means to me at least right this moment. And for many may be but what sort of thing is professional blogging, now its quite obvious that we all people can easily write whatever we feel like but what is it like making money with it? A thousand questions revolve around simply unanswered to a lot of people. But here I have a few answers to many of you hope it would make a difference in you blogging career.

So many people think they would start a  blog and write what they feel like in fact their opinions and then they will earn money to make their living comfortable. But how. What are the main pre requisites of starting a blog?  I mean do people know what thy want to speak about or write about. What kind of medium are they going to use like either articles or would it be a video kind of stuff regularly posted. its a lot complicated pattern that runs in our minds. Here is what I have seen and experienced and here is where you all decide the difference that we tend to make.

  • Blogging is not about blogging: According to various stats there are almost 100,000 blogs registered everyday & today when I start searching the new blogs who join this blogosphere family I get to see what is ” How To optimize your blog” or ” Best Hosting Plans: Bluehost Vs. Hostgator”. Its something I only see is that they talk only about making WordPress better and better(like there is no nobody working at the Automattic team). Why don’t people start talking about something that is different from blogging itself.


  • Oh My God, It’s so complicated: What? moving to WordPress or working on Blogspot or selecting movable type as an option. Wow, people these all are platforms and all are equally good, except for the fact that WP dominated almost 14% of the web. You decide what to go ahead for? if you go ahead for WordPress its quite obvious that all other fellow bloggers would help you out and if you move to another platform you may not get great help, but hey, you write good content you will succeed so hell with it.

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  • Man It’s Still Complicated: Now when one guy has finally decided to go ahead with WP or MT as an option they get into another trouble that is simply they start wondering as if like how would they get the best out of it. First things that just strike their mind would include ” The Best Customizable Theme” or the ” Best SEO Plugin”. Once again man, its the content that matters the first and then the look, so concentrate on what you are writing and not how does it look, because once you learn driving on your Grandma’s car then you can go ahead and show your driving skills on a BMW Z9.
  • Should I go Ahead For Adsense or start my own ad service: Well once again start writing as unless you have got the targeted people around you to show your work there wont be any sort of advertisers to advertise. Its a simple logic if a thousand people visit you everyday then the best the advertiser will get by putting its name on you page.

Word Of Advice

Don’t be too dynamic as in don’t change like a thunder. If you find that you a re interested in another topic as well as the one you are writing about then don’t change the topic of your blog simply make it a point that you add another tab on your menu so that the people will read other articles of yours. Don’t spend hundreds on any useless good-looking theme if you are spending then go ahead and get a Thesis or Genesis framework so that you invest on something that is of some worth. Apart from this don’t keep on changing the look of you website or you topics stick to one thing and you will succeed.

P.S. Blogging is not only making money, it’s about making some difference in people lives.