How To Set Up MX Records?

MX records or email exchange records tend to play a very important role for the people who are web developers and work at their home offices and also for those who are owning a blog or something like that.So how to set them up is something that people believe as a very tough task but belive me its not. Follow the instructions below to set up your MX records.

Here I’ll explain the set up of domains for Google but the process is same for all other MX setup as well. just understand the process I bet you can do this easily.

  • First of all go to your DNS settings at your domain registrars(such as Godaddy) website.
  • Then set up the MX records for the desired email services. The MX record address would be provided by the apps manager or the organization who is responsible to redirect your email to your inbox you have specified.
Here the MX records for Google apps is
Priority Mail Server
This is how you set up the MX records.
  • After this you have to go to the website of the service you are availing such as Google Apps which is one of the best. These services simply redirect the email you relieve on your custom email IDs to your inbox you have specified.The link for Google Apps is Here.
So that’s it after that you just follow the instructions and have a nice time.