How To Get Full DNS Control Of Your Domain

This is a really big question to all those who are web developers or bloggers and have websites to manage but unfortunately managed to land up at a certain registrar of domains who doesn’t provide a control of the DNS of the domains you have registered. This has even happened to me when I registered with and they didn’t allow the full control of the domain instead I had to contact them for getting my DNS records changed. But don’t worry I have a great solution for all those people who have this kind of problem. Yo can get the full control of your domains DNS.

Well if you haven’t still registered your domain then I will strictly suggest you guys to use GoDaddy as your domain registrar as they give the full control of the domains to you and don’t charge anything for that and they have plenty of other services available which you can have with some more charge(its optional).

Well if you have made a mistake then please get it corrected by the following steps below:

  • First of all if you have the control of the domains nameserver settings then please redirect it to

if you don’t have the control then ask your registrar to point the nameserver to the address above.

  • Done with it then move to and sign up for an account(its free). If you have an account then log in. Once logged in add your domain to my domains list.
  • In about 24-48 hours your domain will be in the list at your GoDaddy account page and you can edit the whole DNS settings of your domain with the help of GoDaddy.
After you go ahead with this I would request you to transfer your domain to GoDaddy as they will give you a 1 year extension of your domain completely free and will charge around $6(Rs. 350) for the transfer process. But remember you can only do this if your registration of your domain has been at least 60 days old(acc. to rules by ICANN).

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