Apple And India, The Story Goes On….

This may be entirely amazing for a lot of people but the story begins as the one of the worlds most known electronics company i.e. Apple Inc. doesn’t have any kind of business strategy in India wheras India being one of the biggest computer market ever. The company which is best known for creating products such as iPad, iPhones and the revolutionary Macs has India on one of its last list  till now.

 Various people say a lot of things about this case as I remember today when I was talking with an Australian friend of mine he mentioned that the Macbook costs $450 in Australia whereas here in India that costs around $1350. Man he was like I can buy two laptops there and you wont be even able to buy a single one.
The main reason for mentioning this conversation of mine is the question I put in front of the people at Apple Inc. in the United States. Why is India one of your last priorities in these terms. As conducted in a survey by The Economic Times it mentions that Apple has less that 2% in the cell phone market in India and less than 1% in the PC or the computers market. The Worlds second largest country in terms of Software development(i.e. India). Not this much Apple doesn’t even have a R&D team in India as they took it off somewhere around in 2006. After this they also have  only 30 people in the sales and marketing team to manage a population of more than a billion people and one of the biggest computer market.
Finally I would also mention that we people are one of the biggest fans of Apple and Mr. Jobs too so please don’t deny us of this privilege to use your esteemed products here. To start it please launch the iPhone4 as soon as possible.
Till then I’ll wait for my uncle to return from the US and bring me an iPhone and an iPad