Ubuntu Edge : Bringing Magic To the Smartphone

Digitalization has hit the generation really well and it has become practically unimaginable to live a life without a smartphone or a tablet like device. In all this Ubuntu has brought in a new magic in its smartphone which will turn the whole direction of the computer industry towards a complete new path. Its called Ubuntu Edge and have a look how it will redefine the way you used to work with gadgets.

Note : Read till the end to know how you can contribute to this project


Since the tablets and smartphones have come up one thing that used to strike my mind was the fact that if the hardware of the phone/tab is same as that of a computer then why not use the same device for all purposes. I mean if I’m on the go and I have started working on something such as a presentation on my tablet then why not the same thing be on my computer instead of I copy-pasting the whole thing again and may be facing a lot of format trouble.

Ubuntu Edge is the ultimate convergence device – challenging established norms for PCs and smartphones. The crowdfunding approach is a new way to prove demand for cutting edge technologies and new classes of device; supporting the Ubuntu Edge is the best way to catalyse the next generation of personal devices from industry.

Mark Shuttleworth, Founder, Ubuntu

Well this problem is now well sorted out with this amazing new project that Ubuntu has come up with. Ubuntu Edge is simply a smartphone if defined  but in reality it is much smarter than what we are using these days. The device has some of the following features :

  • Dual boot with Android OS and Ubuntu
  • Connect the device via HDMI to a monitor and have a full desktop interface
  • Can run cloud based Windows applications.
  • Has an inbuilt screen protector
  • Has a camera lens that adjusts according to the scene.

Well the above are just a few features I pointed out as these are something that lack in the current iPhones or Android devices. In short, you get a phone which has Android and Ubuntu both installed on it and if you connect your phone to your computer monitor you can use a full desktop operating system. When away from the screen you can use the mobile interface on your smartphone. Sounds exciting !

It was all proved when Ubuntu for phone was introduced at the Mobile World Congress and was the hottest topic out there. Imagine the same place where the big Apple copying Galaxy S4 was present. Now its the time you should have a sneak peak into this amazing new innovations :

This is just the beginning towards a future where convergence has a true meaning. It won’t be hard for you as all your email that you receive on your cell phone would be synced to your Thunderbird client on your desktop interface and most importantly you may also answer calls from your computer screen. Now its time you should have a look at what Mark Shuttleworth the founder of the Ubuntu project has to say about this.

If you tend to have two different activities such as doing something on your phone and while playing a movie on your computer you may do that too without any trouble at the same time. Thats so simple and it perfectly also defines multitasking. To have a look into the project a level deeper have a look at this video where the project leader for Ubuntu Edge speaks what they are up to.

This project may mark the beginning of a new revolution that the computer industry is about to witness. The most striking feature that is there in this project is the fact that you can be involved in this and contribute your efforts as well. How? Just check the project page at Indiegogo and support this project as there are not a lot days left and get more details about how this project is going to be. As the project is based on collaboration crowdfunding is the best way this can proceed.

Imagine a new way to work that has never been before and all powered by collaboration and open source.