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The Top 8 DAWs For Mobile

Audio revolution has been huge since it found a connection with technology as it not only led to creating a great quality of music but also helped reduce prices of many musicians who dreamed about a studio recording. As with the introduction of smartphones it has now become really easy for people to work on the go, so when it comes to working why not get your music done while you are travelling or stuck up at a place where you can not get a audio workstation.

Smartphones(and the smart operating systems behind it) have made the process of music creation really easy and to add more to it the music software companies have come up with music apps that are easy to understand and use on the mobile interface. You may be surprised to know that these music apps have facility to record(not all of them) using regular audio interfaces that you use on your computer, that  makes it even better. What you can’t do is record at any place(noise) but for other activities(mixing, arranging) these apps are a complete power-packed box. Of course many may find this daunting at first but sooner or later this will become easier than you have ever imagined about.

No more talks and lets have a quick look at the top DAWs for mobile that include both iOS and Android. You can click on the name of the app to head on to the marketplace and download it to your smartphone.

FL Studio


One of the biggest known names for all those who use Windows. Initially started as a sequencer was only targeted to people who were newbies in music but now is being used by several professionals around the world. The app is available for both the iOS as well as Android. One of the biggest advantage I would see here is that you can continue to edit your music file after you have transferred the project from your smartphone to your computer.


Apple’s iconic DAW that makes both learning and making music a fun experience. As usual like any other Apple interface, this has a great interface to play with. In no time one can fall in love with the endless features this software has although this is only available for the Apple devices(you already guessed it). In case you are an Apple fanboy or by any chance have an Apple device do consider giving this a try.



Once again one of the popular DAWs(Cubase) that is used on the computer is here. Its version for Apple smart devices is amazing and this too allows users to continue their tasks on a fully featured computer once they transfer the project files.

Caustic 2

A great music creation tool that allows you to use synthesizers on your smartphone. Relatively new but is becoming one of the most used music apps by musicians. As long as I know the only version of this app is available for Android and not for any other platform.

Pocket Band

A great tool for Android(only) that consists of loops, synthesizers and much more. Apart from other apps listed here this has the facility to render your music on a remote cloud based system. Another great advantage you get is you can easily network with your friends to create music.

Touch DAW

This app is mainly a DAW controller for Android(once again Android only). When I tried this it didn’t have a lot of features but what I noticed was that it had a simple interface.

Audio Evolution

This app is more like a complete DAW for any musicians needs. Why complete? because everything you use on a full featured computer is somehow present here in this app. Right now this is only available for Android devices.

Nano Studio

Once again this is a full featured recording studio that one can think about, the only difference is that this app is only available for iOS.

The best these can do is for musicians who simply strike an idea while not around a studio and the best you can do is to continue your project in your home studio once you transfer the project file to you PC after you started it on your smartphone.

After reading the above I’m certain you would get know that I’m a great Android fan(oh yeah!) but as I type this article on a Mac I’m an admirer of Apple Products as well. Once you try any of the apps mentioned above do post your views about it.

The Growth of Online Mobile Gaming (Infographic)

Gaming has always been one of the most important aspects of technology. When the PC revolution began it gave rise to gaming and in fact Windows has only been a big success because of its support for gaming. Now when the whole world is getting inclined more towards mobile instead of desktops/laptops lets have a look at how online mobile gaming going on. Continue reading The Growth of Online Mobile Gaming (Infographic)

The Top 9 Things Smartphones Replaced in Our Daily Lives

Smartphones play a great roles in our daily lives and in some ways have become inseparable from us. Somewhere down the line if Ubuntu Edge becomes a true success, may be our smartphones would become the only thing that we work on. In a lot of ways that may sound amazing but for now there have been a lot of things that have been phased out of our daily lives. Why? Because our smartphones replaced it. Don’t believe, have a look and then decide how much did you use these devices when the iPhones or Androids weren’t around and how much you use them now. Continue reading The Top 9 Things Smartphones Replaced in Our Daily Lives

The Top 10 DAWs For Studio Quality Recording

It was years ago when making a song was a tough task and it used to be done at a studio after paying a huge load of cash. Thanks to software technology the scene has changed radically and the result we see is great sounds all built up inside a home studio. Although hardware is still required till a lot extent, here are a list of softwares or top 10 DAW for studio quality recording at home or anywhere.



The free software by Apple which is present in every Mac. If you don’t have you can get it from the Mac App store. One of the smallest pieces of softwares that can work magically and create amazing music. The best thing I loved in this software is that even a complete new comer can use this software without any prior technical knowledge in music or studio recording. The only drawback is this can only run on a Mac.


The advanced version to Garage band and available for $200 and can extend the magic that Garage band does. In simple words Garageband is the app to start learning with and once done moving on to Logic to explore more is great option. Logic is mostly preferred by artists using MIDI devices a lot and carries the same drawback as Garageband (runs only on a Mac).

Ableton Live

The same software that David Guetta uses and also one of the best sound creation softwares in the world. If you are passionate about creating great electronic music then this is one of the best places to start with.

FL Studio

FL Studio is considered as one of the simplest programs by Windows users as its interface is hugely easy to operate. The software comes packed up with a lot of beats and samples that makes it easy to start making music. The only drawbacks here are that it runs only on Windows although may be used with Wine to run on Linux and doesn’t have a good interface for recording.


One of my favorite softwares and this comes up with a free model that allows you to run the software even after the trial has expired. It also has a paid model that comes with a small price tag of $60(if discounted) or $225(for commercial uses).


One of the pioneering softwares by Steinberg, Cubase is an extremely popular choice for people who are interested in building their home studio. It also comes along with its iPad app Cubasis that allows almost the all the same features.

Pro Tools

The industry standard software and something that you will find in every professional recording studio. The only drawback is that it runs with selective hardware and is too expensive to be used at a home studio. Although one of the most popular choices it’s used by most of the studio professionals all over the world.


One of the simplest software for beginners and is considered as the Garageband equivalent for Windows users. Mixcraft not only allows you to edit songs and sound but also you can easily edit videos and add sounds to them as well.

Adobe Audition

The software that is included within the Adobe Creative Suite or Adobe CS(as its popularly called) provides one of the simplest platforms to edit and record sounds.

Presonus Studio One

Finally one of the softwares which is also simple and can be used for any recording purpose one wants to.

Apart from this softwares such as Nuendo, Reason and others are also suited well for many purposes, but the above are the one that I have tried and found them easy to use.

(Image Source : Home Studio Dawg)

WhatsApp Introduces Voice Messages

Its quite true that WhatsApp reinvented the way we used to contact and SMS has virtually been dead for a time. The newest thing that has come come out is something that a lot of us have been waiting for and its called WhatsApp Voice Messages. Continue reading WhatsApp Introduces Voice Messages

The Rise of Tablets Against Laptops (Infographic)

Since the day Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad a lot of changes have taken place in the way people used to browse the web and do a lot of digital work. The sale of notebooks or netbooks have significantly got reduced and the rise of tablets against laptops started. Due to obvious reasons tablets have seen a phenomenal growth and seem to get better and better every day. Although still not a perfect alternative for everything that a laptop does, have a look at how the tablet market progressed till now and how it will be in the near future.

The main reasons as I think for the rise of tab or tablets are :

  • Easy to carry anywhere. Really light weight making it great on the go.
  • Separate mobile operating system that makes the user interface better.
  • Touch interface smoothens up the user experience.
  • Better battery life. Of course they stand out when compared with laptops.
  • Great for web browsing and messaging/emails or simply regular work
  • Look amazing !

Well here may be tons of other reasons but these are sort of the main ones I see right now. Have a look at the following infographic that explains how these trendy devices rose to fame in such a quick time.


(Source Visually)

How To Run Windows Software on Mac OS X

Mac OS X till now has been one of the best operating systems I have used, the other one being Ubuntu. Not only its the best but also its the cheapest in the market if you start considering about commercial operating systems. Although it may be the best or close to best there may be times a user may require to run a Windows software on Mac to either try out something or install something that only has a windows version.

This though hopped into my mind when I wanted a SERP software for my website/blog and got to find that Traffic Travis is only available for Windows. For all those who are into web development or blogging know how important and cool Traffic Travis is. So this is how you can run Traffic Travis or any Windows program on Mac OS. Please note that these apps do somewhat of an emulation of Windows so chances are that some Windows programs may not work on the Mac as they work on Windows(or work at all).


Have a look at the following apps that will help you run Windows apps on Mac.


The worlds first and the most favorite app to run Windows programs on Linux. Beyond Linux Team Wine has gone a step ahead and have introduced the same for the Mac. The only thing that it requires an extra effort as you have to compile the source code and run the program after that. Till now there hasn’t ben any packaged file so thats the way you have to work. I got to find this amazing tutorial that explained how you can install Wine easily.

The only advantage with Wine is that its free and open source. So you exactly know what you are running on your computer(if you can understand code) without paying anything.

Codeweavers Crossover

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks and want a compiled version of your software then this is the perfect solution for you. The amazing tam at Codewevers were able to fork Wine to bring out this solution that allows you to simply install an app on your Mac and run any Windows application. The Windows application will simply look like a Mac app when you run it although won’t appear on your dock. All this included the app will cost you $60.

Well the above are only apps for the Mac that will run as a software allowing you to run Windows softwares/apps even though you don’t have Windows installed on your computer. But if you are a gaming addict and you seriously require complete Windows functionality, these are the ways to fully run any Windows program on Mac. Please note, you should have a full genuine version of Windows.

Boot Camp

The official app by Apple that is present in every Mac. Simply find this app in your applications folder and run it to install a working copy of Windows on your computer. The only problem is you need to reboot your computer every time you want to use Windows. Boot Camp comes pre-bundled so is free to use and you only pay for Windows.

Parallels Desktop

This is the most preferred virtualization software among Mac users who like to run any operating system including Windows. This will simply allow you to run Windows on your desktop easily. In any case you would require to have a fully functional copy of Windows as well as pay $80 for this app.

Virtual Box

This is the free solution by Oracle. Simply download the app and install it on your Mac. Install Windows after that and run any PC program on your Mac. Virtual Box has one of the easiest interfaces and great community support which make the experience easier than ever.

Till now this is what i have been able to find, if you feel you have any better solution feel free to mention in the comments.

Now You Can Get Your Feedback Anonymously With YouTell

There have always been times when you always wondered what your friends thought about you. Not only friends but also can be family members or anyone you know, although chances are that they may not come up to you and tell it as they may not feel comfortable. So if you would like to have an idea about what anyone you know is thinking about you, there is an app that will help you out.

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How The Computer Virus Spreads Quickly(Infographic)

The first virus which came out was in the year 1982 for the Apple Operating System II(not the Mac but yes Apple) used to be stored on floppy disks and when executed on a computer it would read out a poem about Elk Cloner. Apart from reading the poem it would also get copied on any other disk the computer is using and so it spreads. Obviously viruses have come a long way after that and its not only about reading a poem any more. Continue reading How The Computer Virus Spreads Quickly(Infographic)

How To Connect A VGA Monitor To A Mac Mini

Mac Mini tends to be one of the most well known names for any person who is buying a computer for regular work or is migrating from Linux or Windows to Mac. Of course this is the entry level Mac which is pretty much affordable and works like a charm. One of the biggest questions whichI think is really confusing to a lot of users is how do you connect a VGA monitor to a Mac Mini as it doesn’t have a port for that. Well the solution is very simple.

First, Check DVI or HDMI

Check behind your monitor if you have a port which looks something like this(below). If you have this then you really don’t need to worry as the current 2013 version of Mac Mini comes with an HDMI to DVI-digital converter. As DVI-digital and HDMI both are digital formats you will never have any problem in the picture quality. What you should have is DVI-D to DVI-D cable which you may have got when you purchased your monitor. If you have the HDMI port that is awesome you just need an HDMI to HDMI cable to plug in and start your work.

DVI Digital Port

Finally VGA

If none of the above is your option(as it was for me) then also there is a solution. Buy a Thunderbolt to VGA cable which is available for $30. I’ll recommend the one by Apple although you may find cheaper ones if you search. Remember thunderbolt port is the only option for VGA monitors as HDMI port in Mac Mini or any Mac doesn’t have analog signals and are completely digital ports. As VGA port receives only analog signals this is the way to go. So don’t look for HDMI to VGA as that would not work.


Thats the way you can connect your Macbook Pro or any Mac to a VGA monitor.

Here’s a Quick Way to Earn By Trying Apps For Free

Its great when you find a cool app or game on the iOs App Store or on Google Play. But you ever imagined you could be paid to try an app even if you are just playing a simple game to pass time. Sounds like a dream but it is true. Developers are putting hard work and a lot of time to develop apps and they always want people to discover them and try which in a way is making their app popular on most of the app stores.

So this is the way the developers have come up with that allows them to advertise their app and pay you to try it out. The question is now how you get this thing happening.

A website/app called Feature Points makes this thing easy for everyone. You simple need to install the app on your iOs or Android smartphone(sorry others) and start downloading the free apps they suggest. You try, you earn. That’s so simple.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 3.03.55 PM

Additionally you can also recommend this app to anyone else to earn a few extra bucks. Sounds nice.

If you have used this app then feel free to share your experiences below.

Apple Launches Logic Pro X

Musicians have always imagined about a perfect setup that can help them explore their creativity to their complete extent and get what they imagine. Apple has been contributing to this in a remarkable way as their software Logic has been one of the top selected apps for music production worldwide. Today Apple has launched its next version called Logic Pro X with some of the coolest features

Logic Pro X Interface

The newer version of the app has focused on effects and instruments. some of the new features that would be available in this app include :

  • Drummer : A new feature that provides a virtual session player that automatically plays along with the song in a wide variety of drumming styles and techniques. This would help the artists to explore more with the percussions than before.
  • Flex Pitch : This feature provides integrated pitch editing for audio recordings.
  • Track Stacks : This feature lets a musician organize and collapse multiple tracks into one, or can be used to create rich, layered instruments. This feature may easily be used to categorize the music systematically and avoid confusion.
  • The Arpeggiator : This is an amazing feature that is included as one of nine new MIDI plug-ins and can transform a simple keyboard chord into an elaborate performance.
Logic remote Interface
Logic remote Piano Roll


Some really col new features include :

  • Logic Remote : This is a completely new and innovative way to play and control Logic Pro X from an iPad. Imagine you sitting anywhere inside the room and controlling your software using you iPad. This is available on the app store and is completely free.
  • Main Stage 3 : This was there before but this version includes a major update to MainStage, is the live performance companion app for Logic Pro X.

With all of the newest features Wayne Sermon of Imagine Dragons quoted that :

Logic Pro was critical to writing and recording our debut album Night Visions, so we couldn’t wait to get our hands on Logic Pro X

The price of the app would remain the same as before and is available at the app store for $199.99 while Mainstage would be available for $29.99.

Apple’s Budget iPhone Mini and What It Means To The World

There has been a long time for now since the rumors began, most probably after the WWDC that Apple was soon going to introduce a budget iPhone or iPhone mini which would be different from the current iPhone. Perhaps this is true and Apple may be on the way but what can this device mean for the world and the common mobile users is what the main question. Let have a look at a few points.

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Weebly App Now Available on the iPhone

Weebly, the name has been quite well reputed among many people who know nothing about coding or programming but still have been able to build high quality websites, has now taken a great step. The great web tool has now got into your hands in a better way by just getting a place to live inside your iPhone. Continue reading Weebly App Now Available on the iPhone

How To Delete Your Instagram Account

Instagram when it came out on the iPhone it was one of the most unique type of an app that one could ever think about. In fact this was something I really waited to show up on Android so that I may have on all of my devices. As that was something that could easily give photos a cool and artistic touch with a few options which made it cleaner and easier for any user to use it, it became popular in a few days of its launch. Even photographers and big media companies such as Nat Geo and rest could find a great place to showcase their amazing photography

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India Goes Digitalization : One Mobile Phone For Each Family

The Indian govt. has recently announced of a scheme that promises a mobile phone or a cell phone to each of the families living in the country below the poverty line. The scheme would be announced by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh most probably on August 15th.

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Reason #2: Why iPhone Still Leads The Race

Previously I have been talking a lot about how Apple has made things truly different and its amazing contribution has always  been an essential part of technology industry. Apart from all this what we all get to see is the announcement of iOS 6 that makes up the first reason for Apple to take the lead. Here we go with another one!

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Reason #1 : Why iPhone Leads The Race Against Competitors

iPhone the Apple powered device that is probably the first ever smartphone that came in the market is still one of the most dominating phone around the world. To name there would be numerous factors that may lead to its success, but what are the main thing that really matter to us. One of the reasons is stated below.

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