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Easily Monetize Facebook, Tumblr and More with IZEA

Earning money online has always been an exciting topic for most of the people who are addicted to the internet. Since the introduction of social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr internet has taken a step ahead when it comes to addiction whereas most of the people have nothing to gain from it in any way. Here’s the catch, what if you are able to earn while you are on Facebook or Tumblr by just updating status updates? Sounds nice and soon its going to be possible. Continue reading Easily Monetize Facebook, Tumblr and More with IZEA

The Growth of Online Mobile Gaming (Infographic)

Gaming has always been one of the most important aspects of technology. When the PC revolution began it gave rise to gaming and in fact Windows has only been a big success because of its support for gaming. Now when the whole world is getting inclined more towards mobile instead of desktops/laptops lets have a look at how online mobile gaming going on. Continue reading The Growth of Online Mobile Gaming (Infographic)

Google vs Facebook Showdown(Infographic)

It started with different purposes but what we get to see is a strong competition that is there between these to amazing web companies. One which started with only web search and the other targeted on social networking although it seems like both of them are trying to enter each others genre. Now lets come to the most basic point, privacy and security, this is the place where the winner is declared as without respecting the users no web company can stand anywhere. Continue reading Google vs Facebook Showdown(Infographic)

Here’s a Quick Way to Earn By Trying Apps For Free

Its great when you find a cool app or game on the iOs App Store or on Google Play. But you ever imagined you could be paid to try an app even if you are just playing a simple game to pass time. Sounds like a dream but it is true. Developers are putting hard work and a lot of time to develop apps and they always want people to discover them and try which in a way is making their app popular on most of the app stores.

So this is the way the developers have come up with that allows them to advertise their app and pay you to try it out. The question is now how you get this thing happening.

A website/app called Feature Points makes this thing easy for everyone. You simple need to install the app on your iOs or Android smartphone(sorry others) and start downloading the free apps they suggest. You try, you earn. That’s so simple.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 3.03.55 PM

Additionally you can also recommend this app to anyone else to earn a few extra bucks. Sounds nice.

If you have used this app then feel free to share your experiences below.

Aviary Gets Version 3 update

Since the time Kevin Systrom an Mike Krieger released Instagram, it has been a revolution in the photo sharing genre and all I see how many people have started to use these apps on a regular basis. sure there is no big business model around it but certainly it will be there in the near future. On the other hand Aviary which is also a similar tool with simplest of the features has got itself updated making many changes in it. Continue reading Aviary Gets Version 3 update

Why Facebook Is Moving Towards Its Own Death

Yes, you read it right, that is what I said the world largest social networking website is about to be dead.Well if anyone is thinking about this article as a rumored date for the end of Facebook for some weird reason then it’s not what I am talking about. Also I would make it clear to the people that the below analysis is only a prediction and not any conclusion. Continue reading Why Facebook Is Moving Towards Its Own Death

Facebook Presents: Year In Review

2012 may have been a great year for a lot of people or perhaps may not have been a very happening year for a few but what we can recall is various new things we did throughout the year. The only thing it would be hard for us to recall every new thing we did, but if you marked that on Facebook it’s here. Facebook presents year in review a way for all those people who would like to see what they did the whole year-long.

Continue reading Facebook Presents: Year In Review

Facebook Starts Advertising Its Services

The title may sound a bit different or weird to a lot of people as everyone reading this may easily think about what services Facebook offers? Its pretty obvious that everyone knows that Facebook only has one thing to give that is social networking all for free. And yes, that is what it has started to promote.

Continue reading Facebook Starts Advertising Its Services

Facebook Climbs To #1 On Alexa, Google Follows

It’s really shocking news for every internet user throughout the world but some how this is true. Facebook, the worlds largest social networking website has somehow climbed up to #1 on Alexa web rankings. Following it remains Google, which had been previously #1.

Continue reading Facebook Climbs To #1 On Alexa, Google Follows

Facebook Goes Public! Who Wins or Who Loses?

For every person who was there watching the event when Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook CEO ring the bell of NASDAQ, the company is obviously winning at various of the points that we all see but how is the difference that it is going to make for each person who is there at Facebook mainly the users as well as how is the company filling the pockets of other people who had invested in the company. Lets have a close look at the whole thing.

Continue reading Facebook Goes Public! Who Wins or Who Loses?

Facebook Announces Its App Center

The worlds largest social network Facebook has not left out the idea of running on the same track as of Ubuntu, Apple and Android, as it was recently announced on the official blog that the in the coming weeks it is going to roll out its own app center that would be containing all the daily apps of the website in an interactive form.

Continue reading Facebook Announces Its App Center

Instagram To Be Acquired by Facebook

Recently Instagram one of the most popular apps for iPhone made big news by debuting on Android and now once again its on the hype. Why because now it won’t be owned by Burbn Inc. anymore instead the social media giant Facebook would be acquiring it and the whole app will face a new experience.

Continue reading Instagram To Be Acquired by Facebook