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How To Enable Private Messages in WordPress [Tutorial]

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best tools out to be used as a CMS, membership website or as a blogging software. If anyone is planning to build any website where there will be having multiple users signing up for it then there may be chances that they would like to interact with each other. A simple solution to this may be using Buddypress but that turns the whole blog into a social network which may not be required so there is this plugin which will help you enable private messages easily.

Go to the WordPress repository and get a plugin called Cartpauj PM.


Message List on Frontend

This is one of the simplest plugin I have used till now that allows users to communicate with each other using private messages. There are certain features that you’d love in it such as :

  • You can have the messaging interface completely on the frontend. No coding required, only a shortcode.
  • You can set the message quota for users. This so that the users don’t violate any policy and also this helps reduce spam.
  • Once a user sends a message, a corresponding email is also sent to the users email ID telling him/her that a message has been received.
  • Optional Branding. You can give credits to the Cartpauj team if you want to but that is optional.

All of this for free. Hard to believe, well it won’t be if you go ahead and try it out.

(Image Source Cartpauj)

Build A Free Dropbox Hosted Website

Since the time Dropbox was launched it has been an amazing and reliable service for storing data and essential things that may get lost anytime. Some people got a little more creative to find out that folders can also be made public so it can be used in a different way such as hosting a website. As this began to progress a tool called Droppages is available that allows anyone to build a free Dropbox hosted website with some advanced features. Continue reading Build A Free Dropbox Hosted Website

How To Run Windows Software on Mac OS X

Mac OS X till now has been one of the best operating systems I have used, the other one being Ubuntu. Not only its the best but also its the cheapest in the market if you start considering about commercial operating systems. Although it may be the best or close to best there may be times a user may require to run a Windows software on Mac to either try out something or install something that only has a windows version.

This though hopped into my mind when I wanted a SERP software for my website/blog and got to find that Traffic Travis is only available for Windows. For all those who are into web development or blogging know how important and cool Traffic Travis is. So this is how you can run Traffic Travis or any Windows program on Mac OS. Please note that these apps do somewhat of an emulation of Windows so chances are that some Windows programs may not work on the Mac as they work on Windows(or work at all).


Have a look at the following apps that will help you run Windows apps on Mac.


The worlds first and the most favorite app to run Windows programs on Linux. Beyond Linux Team Wine has gone a step ahead and have introduced the same for the Mac. The only thing that it requires an extra effort as you have to compile the source code and run the program after that. Till now there hasn’t ben any packaged file so thats the way you have to work. I got to find this amazing tutorial that explained how you can install Wine easily.

The only advantage with Wine is that its free and open source. So you exactly know what you are running on your computer(if you can understand code) without paying anything.

Codeweavers Crossover

If you don’t mind spending a few bucks and want a compiled version of your software then this is the perfect solution for you. The amazing tam at Codewevers were able to fork Wine to bring out this solution that allows you to simply install an app on your Mac and run any Windows application. The Windows application will simply look like a Mac app when you run it although won’t appear on your dock. All this included the app will cost you $60.

Well the above are only apps for the Mac that will run as a software allowing you to run Windows softwares/apps even though you don’t have Windows installed on your computer. But if you are a gaming addict and you seriously require complete Windows functionality, these are the ways to fully run any Windows program on Mac. Please note, you should have a full genuine version of Windows.

Boot Camp

The official app by Apple that is present in every Mac. Simply find this app in your applications folder and run it to install a working copy of Windows on your computer. The only problem is you need to reboot your computer every time you want to use Windows. Boot Camp comes pre-bundled so is free to use and you only pay for Windows.

Parallels Desktop

This is the most preferred virtualization software among Mac users who like to run any operating system including Windows. This will simply allow you to run Windows on your desktop easily. In any case you would require to have a fully functional copy of Windows as well as pay $80 for this app.

Virtual Box

This is the free solution by Oracle. Simply download the app and install it on your Mac. Install Windows after that and run any PC program on your Mac. Virtual Box has one of the easiest interfaces and great community support which make the experience easier than ever.

Till now this is what i have been able to find, if you feel you have any better solution feel free to mention in the comments.

How The Computer Virus Spreads Quickly(Infographic)

The first virus which came out was in the year 1982 for the Apple Operating System II(not the Mac but yes Apple) used to be stored on floppy disks and when executed on a computer it would read out a poem about Elk Cloner. Apart from reading the poem it would also get copied on any other disk the computer is using and so it spreads. Obviously viruses have come a long way after that and its not only about reading a poem any more. Continue reading How The Computer Virus Spreads Quickly(Infographic)

How To Connect A VGA Monitor To A Mac Mini

Mac Mini tends to be one of the most well known names for any person who is buying a computer for regular work or is migrating from Linux or Windows to Mac. Of course this is the entry level Mac which is pretty much affordable and works like a charm. One of the biggest questions whichI think is really confusing to a lot of users is how do you connect a VGA monitor to a Mac Mini as it doesn’t have a port for that. Well the solution is very simple.

First, Check DVI or HDMI

Check behind your monitor if you have a port which looks something like this(below). If you have this then you really don’t need to worry as the current 2013 version of Mac Mini comes with an HDMI to DVI-digital converter. As DVI-digital and HDMI both are digital formats you will never have any problem in the picture quality. What you should have is DVI-D to DVI-D cable which you may have got when you purchased your monitor. If you have the HDMI port that is awesome you just need an HDMI to HDMI cable to plug in and start your work.

DVI Digital Port

Finally VGA

If none of the above is your option(as it was for me) then also there is a solution. Buy a Thunderbolt to VGA cable which is available for $30. I’ll recommend the one by Apple although you may find cheaper ones if you search. Remember thunderbolt port is the only option for VGA monitors as HDMI port in Mac Mini or any Mac doesn’t have analog signals and are completely digital ports. As VGA port receives only analog signals this is the way to go. So don’t look for HDMI to VGA as that would not work.


Thats the way you can connect your Macbook Pro or any Mac to a VGA monitor.

Here’s a Quick Way to Earn By Trying Apps For Free

Its great when you find a cool app or game on the iOs App Store or on Google Play. But you ever imagined you could be paid to try an app even if you are just playing a simple game to pass time. Sounds like a dream but it is true. Developers are putting hard work and a lot of time to develop apps and they always want people to discover them and try which in a way is making their app popular on most of the app stores.

So this is the way the developers have come up with that allows them to advertise their app and pay you to try it out. The question is now how you get this thing happening.

A website/app called Feature Points makes this thing easy for everyone. You simple need to install the app on your iOs or Android smartphone(sorry others) and start downloading the free apps they suggest. You try, you earn. That’s so simple.

Screen Shot 2013-07-20 at 3.03.55 PM

Additionally you can also recommend this app to anyone else to earn a few extra bucks. Sounds nice.

If you have used this app then feel free to share your experiences below.

5 Ways To Get Ideas For Blogging

It’s really easy for anyone to become a blogger but to continue with the same consistency is the one thing that makes things tough for a lot of them to continue in the same direction. One of the main things I have noticed is the fact that people generally run out of ideas and that is why they lose the interest and this becomes of the major reasons of failure of blogs. Continue reading 5 Ways To Get Ideas For Blogging

How To Set Up A WordPress Blog[Tutorial]

It’s true that blogging has become of the most powerful tools in every industry as it is one of the best ways to get a great presence on the social media in an easy manner. Among all the softwares and services I believe WordPress is the best one which would provide the independence to a blogger in all respects. But as I see in the beginning a lot of people believe that installing a WordPress blog is really tough. But is it? Even I in the beginning thought the same way.

Just to answer the above its one of the most easiest softwares to use and install and you need no complicated technological experience to do this. Another thing I’d like to highlight is for the people who are using the one click installers. If you think you are not gonna get your hands dirty by putting in 2-3 minutes of yours by manually installing WordPress then please when doing the one-click install please make sure you :

  • Change the database prefix(don’t use defaults)
  • Don’t use “admin” as your username
  • Have a strong password

I think that is the most important thing one should be thinking about. Rest other people who are ready to spend 2-3 minutes so that they can understand the basics of how WordPress works, this is the way.

In any case if you consider to go ahead for simpler options than WordPress then consider reading “Start a Blog in 5 minutes

Note : You would need your own domain name, and a hosting account to start up a blog. Read this article about how you can get the tools to start.

#1 Moving the WordPress Files

Move all the WordPress files you downloaded to the “root” folder of your server. If you wish to setup your blog on a sub-directory or subdomain, move the files over there with the help of FTP or file upload.

#2 Creating A Database

Create a database by going to phpmyadmin or any mysql editor your host has provided. Just remember the following things :

  • You have to create a database
PhpMyAdmin Interface for Database Creation
CPanel Interface for Database creation at MySql

  • Create a username and password. This is the username and password to use the database(different from the WordPress admin credentials). Also make sure you provide all the privileges to the user your created.
Provide all the privileges to the user you create.


  • Attach/assign/add the user(you created) to the database.
Add The User To The Database
Add The User To The Database

#3 Editing the Configuration File

Go back to the place where you moved all the WordPress files and then open the file wp-config-sample.php in a text editor. Locate the lines that ask you to declare the following details/credentials and name them accordingly. I have mentioned in bold and underlined the details you need to mention below.

// ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //
/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_you_created‘);

/** MySQL database username */
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username_you_created‘);

/** MySQL database password */
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_you_created‘);

You’re done with the necessary part, but the next steps are for your blog’s security. I highly recommend you to go ahead with these as well.

Scroll down a bit to find the following lines

* @since 2.6.0
define(‘AUTH_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrase here’);
define(‘SECURE_AUTH_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrase here’);
define(‘LOGGED_IN_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrase here’);
define(‘NONCE_KEY’, ‘put your unique phrase here’);
define(‘AUTH_SALT’, ‘put your unique phrase here’);
define(‘SECURE_AUTH_SALT’, ‘put your unique phrase here’);
define(‘LOGGED_IN_SALT’, ‘put your unique phrase here’);
define(‘NONCE_SALT’, ‘put your unique phrase here’);

Go to WordPress API Salt to find the credentials to be mentioned above and replace the credentials with the above mentioned lines of code.

Now scroll down a little bit further to find the following lines :

* You can have multiple installations in one database if you give each a unique
* prefix. Only numbers, letters, and underscores please!
$table_prefix = ‘wp_‘;

As you see above mentioned is wp_ as the table prefix, just make sure you change this to anything. Try use any unique name here such as code_6754_ or anything similar.

You’re done now, just save this file.

Once saved, rename it from wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php. If you don’t do this your site will not function.

#4 Finally Install

Now go to Replace with the actual domain you intend to use and you will see an installation screen. Here you need to add the name of your blog, your email address and your username and password. This username and password is not the one you used for the database, and I prefer you keep separate credentials for this. Also please don’t use admin as your username ever !

Installation Screen
Installation Screen

Once you have done with this, you can login. Have a look at some of the security tips  to keep your blog bulletproof and consider reading more about our WordPress tips for more information.

I think that’s it now, you’re ready to move into your amazing journey as a blogger. Wishing you the best.

How To Delete Your Instagram Account

Instagram when it came out on the iPhone it was one of the most unique type of an app that one could ever think about. In fact this was something I really waited to show up on Android so that I may have on all of my devices. As that was something that could easily give photos a cool and artistic touch with a few options which made it cleaner and easier for any user to use it, it became popular in a few days of its launch. Even photographers and big media companies such as Nat Geo and rest could find a great place to showcase their amazing photography

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How To Earn With Twitter

Online business is certainly something that has defined globalization in its truest form. How? You just create a website and with nothing extra(such as taking special permissions or doing any extra formality) your web business is available to be viewed all throughout the world. Now this is something that also defines a very different type of opportunity for entrepreneurs, they are free to use this tool to get unlimited amount of audience from any country.

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How To Create A WordPress Blog That Aggregates Content From Other Blogs

There are various times when you have created many blogs and you want to aggregate all the content of those blogs at one single blog which you can probably call it the master blog. One of the great ways that you can do it is either via WordPress network which initially started as WordPress MU(a fork of WordPress) but that may be a challenge getting it installed in a shared server. Well for these type of situations we always have a solution! Continue reading How To Create A WordPress Blog That Aggregates Content From Other Blogs

How To Sell A Free Digital Product On WooCommerce

WooCommerce has really been a great way how one can sell anything online easily and in a great manner. The designs by WooThemes add u more which in turn makes them one of the best design company as well as this plugin which becomes great for merchants. Continue reading How To Sell A Free Digital Product On WooCommerce

How To Create A QR Code[Tutorial]

We saw the growth of Android and iPhone which has certainly conquered most of the mobile scenario. The one that these two were unable to cover up was covered up by Blackberry somehow. So what we get to see is how QR code shave really made it easy to get even big and URLs to be easily accessible by mobile phones. And creating those is as simple as it can ever be.

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How To Start A Self Hosted WordPress Blog[Tutorial]

For all those people who want to speak about their views and are passionate about it surely blogging is one of the best things they can ever do. lastly I also talked about how easily one can set up a blog(even in less than 5 minutes) but today I am going ahead with a new thing that we all know about. Its called WordPress! The bloggers who really want freedom and independence from various of the other things should really go ahead and have a look at this option.

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How To Setup A Custom Domain Name in Blogger

Lastly I talked about how you would be able to set up a blog in less than 5 minutes if you’re going ahead with Blogger but one thing I pointed out there was the importance of having a custom domain name. There are some of the obvious reasons that would really come up and that would later make you realize that you should go ahead and set-up a domain

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Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins For Best Performance

Plugins and themes remain the best ever facilities for all using WordPress. Both of these make WordPress as one of the best places to start work with. Well I am just saying this to those who don’t know about this but the fact is most of the readers here already know this. So let’s have a close look at the following of the aspects of the plugins and how they ‘re important.

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How To: Create A Wikipedia Ebook[Video Tutorial]

Wikipedia the world biggest encyclopedia is perhaps the most sought after name when anyone wants to learn anything. The best thing about it remains the same, quality, great user interface and the power to share it anywhere you feel like. So this is how you can have Wikipedia in pdf format ebook.

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How To: Download A Wikipedia Article As PDF

It not a new thing for the students of today to study about anything from Wikipedia. Its obvious that Wikipedia is a persons best friend during exam times, but something that happens is when a person need to get the Wikipedia article in a pdf format as it is the easiest and can be recognized by any smartphone or a tablet.

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How To: Optimize Images For Search Engines[Tips and Plugins]

When a person is blogging[On WordPress] they have to really consider SEO as an important aspect every time as if they don’t get to know about it in some way or the other their blog may not get the audience it deserves. But if you do a close look at this imagine about the images that may also play an important role in the search engine optimization. Here is what I came out with.

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10 Apps To Track/Locate Phone

Yesterday as I spoke about the websites that can help people with the location or tracking of phone numbers today I will show how this service can also be utilized by Android users. Its really amazing to see the number of applications available here and as usual all are free.

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How To:Hide The PHP.INI File[Tutorial]

As of today WordPress dominates more than 15% of the web and as it is coded in php, protecting and maintaining the php.ini file tends to become one of the biggest thing ever. Lastly I explained a lot tips such as expanding the php memory in WordPress and genereting and expanding the php.ini. Today I’ll tell you how to protect it(this works for all web CMS not only for WP).

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Convert Your iPod Touch Into An iPhone !

iPod Touch one of the most popular devices by Apple and the iPhone on the other hand another popular product really don’t have anything different in them. The only thing that makes them different is the factor that one has the phone and the other doesn’t. What if that is made possible for a couple of bucks.

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